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Ukrainian trade mark Stylish сlothing,  accessories and souvenirs decorated with embroidery

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Souvenirs with logo FFU, FC Dynamo Kyiv

Catalogue Stuff For Fans FFU, FC Dynamo Kyiv Souvenirs with logo FFU, FC Dynamo Kyiv

Keychain FC Dynamo Kyiv

Price from: 45,00 UAH

Tie Dynamo Kyiv "Paramon"

Price from: 290,00 UAH

Pillow Dynamo Kyiv

Price from: 350,00 UAH

Big Bear with pillow Dynamo Kyiv

Price from: 390,00 UAH

Pillow FFU

Price from: 350,00 UAH

Towel Dynamo Kyiv logo 40х60cm

Price from: 95,00 UAH

Towel Dynamo Kyiv 75х150cm

Price from: 550,00 UAH

Towel Dynamo Kyiv logo 50х100cm

Price from: 350,00 UAH